"The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it."
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus





I graduated from Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, CA and received my Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis of Latino Family Therapy. I have worked at a few non-profit organizations throughout the Los Angeles area working with children and adolescents. I am bilingual in Spanish and have worked with many multi-cultural families.

I believe that one of the most important factors for most people is to feel understood and heard. As a MFT working with individuals, couples and adolescents, I provide a safe and trusting environment. I take into account that everyone is different and comes from a different background involving it's own issues and your perception of it. Using evidenced-based practices, I will provide treatment to help you make sense of the feelings and behaviors that you are experiencing and have had throughout your life. Using family systems, cognitive behavioral and other techniques as needed at any given time in your treatment. I employ active listening, interacting with you and inquiring you to share as a way to sort through your emotions, and behaviors in their present and past context. As a result you can gain more insight and a better understanding of you emotions and behaviors. In working together in a committed fashion, I am eager to guide you to your desired change and personal growth for the future.




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